Congratulations to Ellen Lamont and Sope Kahn

With a research assistantship supported by the Department of Sociology and a College of Arts and Sciences SAFE grant through Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies, GWS major Sope Kahn and their faculty co-authors, Ellen Lamont and Teresa Roach, published, “Navigating Campus Hookup Culture: LGBTQ Students and College Hookups” in Sociological Forum. There has been a great deal written on heterosexual hookup culture, but very little on how LGBTQ students navigate these types of relationships on campus. In gender and intimate relationships courses on campus, students are always asking, but what about LGBTQ people? The authors decided to help fill this gap in knowledge not only as a scholarly endeavor for the sociological community, but also to be able to bring that scholarship back into the classroom. Students need to be able to see the range of experiences out there and they also need to see themselves reflected in the coursework they do. This article also demonstrates some of the ways LGBTQ people are challenging heterosexual hook up culture, providing students with the tools to imagine more ethical hook up practices.

Published: Sep 18, 2018 2:17pm