Linda J. Jencson

Dr. Linda Jencson is a cultural anthropologist with an M.A. and a Doctorate from the University of Oregon. She teaches in Watauga College. She researches gender issues as they relate to religion, and popular culture, as well as disaster vulnerability, risk perception and mitigation. All of her work is united by an interest in ways that symbolic communication through the arts and popular culture can be used to motivate collective social action. Her most recent publication (2016) is a chapter on a popular television series' depiction of gender and family, "Chosen Family, TV and Tradition: Queering Relations in the BBC's Sherlock." in Who Is Sherlock? Essays on Identity in Modern Holmes Adaptations, Lynette Porter, ed. West Jefferson, NC: McFarland. She is currently working on an invited project for Studies in Popular Culture, exploring ways in which the characterization of Eurus and Mycroft Homes (in the Sherlock series) can be utilized to reflect upon the political theories of Jacques Derrida in his work, Politics of Friendship.

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