Dr. Albert Stabler

I am a nearsighted cis white man from Ohio who spent almost eighteen years in Chicago, making art with young people around the city, and participating in the independent art world. In graduate school I wrote my dissertation on an artist named Laurie Jo Reynolds, who led a successful fight to close a state supertax prison; I also coordinated a prison-based peer-led trauma informed community counseling group, and worked with a group that fought local jail-building and advocated for public services. My wife and I also ran an art gallery out of our backyard. Here in Boone, I am trying to find ways to delicately introduce my preoccupation with state racism into my work teaching art education.

Recent GWS scholarship


Stabler, A. (2019). Race and ‘disability passing’ in a Chicago public school classroom. International Journal of Art and Design Education (forthcoming)

Title: Assistant Professor of Art Education
Department: Department of Art

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