Undergraduate Minors

We offer three undergraduate minors: GWS minor, Girls' Studies minor, and LGBT Studies minor.

Minor in Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies

Minor in Girls' Studies

Historically, the status of girls has evoked much less interest than that of women. Recently emerging scholastic and strategic study concerning the vulnerability of girls, and the impact the neglect has on the status of women, is adding a vital missing link to the discourse on women and development. Still, according to the most recent reports of the United Nations, girls continue to be the most abused and neglected group of citizens around the world. Throughout history, girlhood has been limited, contained, and defined by context and social forces. The minor in Girls' Studies enables students to utilize gender and age to examine girls' lives and girlhood from any variety of perspectives. It complements any number of majors, and is not limited to the humanities. Students minoring in Girls' Studies examine the discourses and histories of girlhood to discover ways to empower girls and diminish the threats they face every day.

Minor in LGBT Studies

In the past two decades, LGBT issues have been in the forefront of many important national and international discussions. In academia, LGBT Studies is now a significant and established area of academic study, with majors, minors and certificate programs offered at public and private, large and small universities. The field has numerous peer-reviewed scholarly journals, and there are multiple conferences and book-length publications in the field every year. Students will benefit from the multidisciplinary study of the historical, cultural, political, and theoretical issues relevant to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals, communities, and their allies. The minor is desirable for students planning graduate study in an interdisciplinary field, such as American Studies, Gender Studies, LGBT Studies, or Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies; traditional fields such as English, Social Work, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Marketing, Art, Communications, Psychology--any discipline in which questions of gender and sexuality have transformed traditional inquiry within that discipline.