Graduate Certificate & Graduate Minor

The Appalachian State Graduate Certificate or Graduate Minor in Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies allows students to seek training at the graduate level in GWS and get formal recognition for completing this training successfully. The importance of GWS scholarship in a number of academic areas is well known, and interest in doing theses and dissertations that incorporate this scholarship continues to grow. The GWS Graduate Certificate and Graduate Minor Programs are open to students currently enrolled in graduate degree programs at Appalachian. In addition, GWS welcomes community members with bachelor's degrees (secondary school teachers, for example) who wish to obtain new training and the GWS Graduate Certificate or GWS Minor. Certificate-only students must apply through the Graduate School. Information on this process and the associated fees can be found on the Graduate School website.

Why Get a Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies Graduate Certificate or Graduate Minor?

  • Be part of an intellectual community of interdisciplinary GWS scholars at ASU.
  • Learn the epistemological and pedagogical bases for studies that take gender, sexuality, power, race, inequality, and other axes of difference as centrally constitutive analytic categories.
  • Be recognized for the graduate training in GWS you've sought.
  • Gain valuable experience preparing to teach, designing an outreach project, and collaborating in an interdisciplinary environment.

See also Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies Certificate and Minor.


All students complete

The two core graduate seminars foreground the epistemological and pedagogical bases for studies that take gender, sexuality, and inequality as centrally constitutive analytic categories, and offer students the opportunity to learn from one another in an interdisciplinary environment.

An additional 3 hours of approved graduate coursework is required for the minor; an additional 6 hours of approved graduate coursework is required for the certificate. Courses may only count toward the GWS graduate minor or graduate certificate when the topic is gender, women, or sexuality and when they are taught by GWS faculty.

Enrollment in the Certificate Program

  • Those interested in the Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies are welcome to confer with the Director of the GWS Program prior to submitting an application to the Graduate School. A Certificate-only student must be a NC resident, hold a bachelor's degree, and be pursuing, or planning to pursue, work related to women's issues or gender.
  • Those seeking admission must write a brief essay outlining their interests and work goals, explaining how the GWS Graduate Certificate will help them meet these goals.
  • Those seeking the  certification can enroll year round. Eligibility for certification will be considered by a committee of the GWS faculty.
  • For those already enrolled in a graduate program at Appalachian, you start the admission process by submitting a "Change of Major - Add Certificate Request Form" which can be found on the Graduate School forms page under the Program Materials section at: