• Organization on the Status of Women to support inquiry into issues concerning faculty women at ASU.
  • "I Woman" symposium sponsored local speakers and Dr. Mildred Keene, candidate for US Senate (Organization on the Status of Women--OSW).


  • Organization on the Status of Women sponsored committee to study faculty salaries at ASU with Dr. Patricia Gaynor as chairperson (the first of several such studies made under the auspices of OSW).
  • "Creative Career Development for Women" professional development symposium (OSW).
  • The Counseling Center helped support and establish a Women's Resource Center. Groups offered in the Counseling center included: Assertiveness Training group, Female Consciousness Raising Group, Human Sexuality Workshops, Personal Growth Groups for Women, Groups on Eating Disorders, Rape Awareness and Prevention, Relationship and Spirituality, etc.
  • Maggie McFadden hired to teach in Watauga College and to teach a Women's Studies course


  • Maggie McFadden taught course, "Southern Women Writers"
  • Other Women's Studies courses in Anthropology, English, Sociology


  • Organization on the Status of Women advocated elimination of sexist language in Appalachian State University Summer School Contracts and sponsored a faculty salary survey.
  • November. Founding Conference of South Eastern Regional Women's Studies Association, Atlanta (SEWSA), Maggie McFadden one of the "Founding Mothers"
  • Women's Studies begins as an ad hoc committee with the following members:
    • Pat Beaver-Anthropology
    • Sherry Edwards-Art
    • Allie Funk-Sociology
    • Lucy Brashear-English
    • Helena Lewis-History
    • Maggie McFadden-Interdisciplinary Studies
  • First Women's Studies co-chairs:
    • Helena Lewis-History
    • Maggie McFadden-Interdisciplinary Studies

      1977-78, 1978-1979 - No office, no staff, no released time, no Women's Center


  • Women's Studies met monthly, often at home of Helena Lewis.
  • Women's Studies published brochures, fall and spring, "Women's Studies Courses and Resources at ASU": course list and women's organizations and resources in the area.
  • Organization on the Status of Women participated in active support of North Carolinians United for ERA.
  • Feb. Dr. Karen Baldwin, ECU, on Appalachian Women
  • February: Southeastern Women's Studies Assn at ETSU, Johnson City, TN
  • Implementation of IDS Women's Studies Minor: 15 credit hours: First year had 5 minors.
  • Women's Studies Minor passed by AP&P in spite of remark, "when will we have Men's Studies". (Answer: "We've had Men's Studies all our lives.")
  • Grant from Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education and the Modern Language Assn, "Teaching Women's Literature from a Regional Perspective—Appalachia": course and events on Appalachian Women, Maggie McFadden and Pat Beaver, instructors. Year-long grant included publishing student writing and oral history interviews.


  • Sept. 27-29: Women and Power Conference, headed by Dr. Joan Terry, Dept. of Home Economics, and Organization on the Status of Women; outside speaker from University of Michigan. One of first big events, attended by many from around the region.
  • Women's Studies faculty sponsored Women's Week programs.
  • Organization on the Status of Women sponsored several workshops/discussion groups.